American and European Landscapes by Joan Hansena
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The Details

Surfer's Paradise by Joan Hansen
Surfer's Paradise © by Joan Hansen

In the acrylic painting titled "Surfer's Paradise" by Joan Hansen, a captivating depiction of the Pacific Ocean near La Jolla, CA comes to life. The artist employs a combination of a palette knife and brushes to create the scene. On both sides of a vibrant green gazebo, purple sea lavender flowers bloom, adding a touch of enchantment.

The gazebo features a unique touch with a hand-painted surfboard attached at its peak. To the right, majestic palm trees sway, creating a lush coastal ambiance. Beyond the trees, the vast expanse of the ocean stretches out, its calming waters inviting contemplation. A distant sailboat graces the horizon, hinting at the serene journey that lies ahead.

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Original Painting
Image Size:

24 x 20"
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