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Joan Hansen Painting Featured on NBC Weather Cast
One of Joan's goals was to have a painting she created featured on a television show. Dagmar Midcap made it happen! Thank you Dagmar!

Her painting, "Celebrate the Patterns of the Wild", was featured in the background for Dagmar's weather report for several days. Dagmar, in addition to being an excellent meteorologist, works with several wildlife charities and animal rescue groups. For more information on purchasing prints of this image, click on the image.

Dagmar Midcap and Joan Hansen with Celebrate the Patterns of the Wild

Here is a TV screen shot of Dagmar giving her weather report with Joan's
painting in the background.

Dagmar Midcap presenting the weather report

2020 Coronado Celebrating Local Artists Banner Series
Joan is honored to be a participant in the artist banner series which is sponsored by the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission. They received 44 artist submissions with 123 images. Of these images only 15 images were selected for inclusion in the banner series. Her banners are located on Orange Avenue and 7th Street in Coronado. The banners will be on display for two years.

Joan Hansen with banners
Joan Hansen Artist Banners in Coronado, CA
The painting the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission selected is "Coronado Regatta." If you would like to see this whole image, click this image.

Joan Hansen banners in Coronado CA

SmartSpace Gallery
Joan is also represented by the SmartSpace Gallery in San Diego, CA. The
exhibit is open Monday—Friday from 8:00 AM—5:00 PM, or by appointment.
Joan will be happy to meet you there at your request. The address of the
gallery is:

4455 Murphy Canyon Rd
San Diego, CA 92123
Gallery Director's Phone: 619-453

For more information about this painting, click on the image.

Relaxing Afternoon by Joan Hansen

Joan Hansen Acrylic Painting and Drawing Classes
Joan gives painting workshops, and she teaches private painting classes. For
more information, contact the artist by linking to Contact and Links page.

Workshop Group taught by Joan Hansen

Joan Hansen's Paintings on Display at
Harcourt Pinnacle Real Estate Office
Several paintings by Joan Hansen are being exhibited at the Harcourt Pinnacle
Real Estate Office in San Diego, CA. The address is:

777 6th Avenue, Suite 135
San Diego, CA 92101

Viewing hours are usually 9:00—5:00 Monday—Friday. For specific information,
call: 1-858-869-9688. "Natural High" is one of the images on display. For more information on this painting, click on the image.

Natural High by Joan Hansen
Natural High by Joan Hansen