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Okapi by Joan Hansen

Okapi by Joan Hansen
Roll over image to see what it looks liked framed
Okapi © by Joan Hansen

The Okapi is related to the giraffe, and was first discovered in the dense rain forest of Africa in the early 1900s. The velvety coat is a deep burnt sienna color with beautiful white striping on the legs and rear. As she walks through the rain forest's abundant tropical plants and flowers, she casually turns back to see if her baby is following her.

This large scale oil painting is painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas. Roll over the image to see the painting and Joan in an exhibition at the San Diego Safari Park. It is framed with a custom gold leaf moulding and linen liner.

This painting is available in the following format: the original painting, and a hand-signed poster. When you make your selection, click on the Add to Cart button to finish your purchase.

Okapi blank

Original Painting Hand-Signed Poster
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. 25 X 18-1/2"
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