American and European Landscapes by Joan Hansena
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Lavender Near Roussillon by Joan Hansen

Lavender Near Rousillon by Joan Hansen
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Lavender Near Roussillon © by Joan Hansen

"Lavender Near Roussillon" is a captivating oil painting by Joan Hansen. It vividly depicts the picturesque southern French village of Roussillon, nestled atop ocher red hills. The landscape is adorned with vast acres of blooming lavender fields and lush vineyards, creating a stunning contrast of colors. The village stands gracefully above the sunlit rows of lavender, offering a charming and serene atmosphere.

This exquisite and original painting is available for sale, allowing art enthusiasts to bring the beauty of Roussillon and the lavender fields into their homes. Additionally, prints of the painting are also available for purchase, providing an opportunity for more people to enjoy the artist's mesmerizing creation.

Lavender Near Rousillon blank

  To purchase the original painting, send the Contact form to the artist noting you would like the original. You will receive details about sales tax, if applicable, and shipping charges to finalize your order.

To purchase a print, send the Contact form to the artist indicating the title of the image, how wide you want it to be, and whether you want it on canvas or acid free paper. She will send you a quote and ordering information.

It usually takes about two weeks to have the print created since they are made on request. At this time, prints are sold in the US only.

Original Painting

Image Size:

11 x 14"

$1,050.00 USD

Tax: TBD
Shipping: TBD
Total: TBD

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