` Lady Kate by Joan Hansen
American and European Landscapes by Joan Hansena
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Lady Kate by Joan Hansen

Lady Kate by Joan Hansen
Lady Kate © by Joan Hansen

While these boats could be anywhere, Joan Hansen's original acrylic painting, titled Lady Kate transports viewers to the historic Seaport Village of Cobh, Ireland, where maritime charm unfolds against a backdrop of serene beauty. The focal point of the artwork is a striking red fishing boat moored gracefully by the water's edge, its vibrant hue contrasting against the tranquil surroundings.

Beside the fishing boat, a classic sailboat rests peacefully, both vessels mirroring their picturesque forms in the gently moving water. As the sunlight dances upon the water's surface, the reflections of the boats blend and twist, creating captivating abstract patterns that add depth and intrigue to the artwork. This stunning interplay of light and reflections transforms the composition into a mesmerizing tapestry of colors and shapes.

Lady Kate is a tribute to the timeless allure of the seaside village, capturing the essence of maritime history and the serenity of the waters. This painting beckons viewers to embark on a visual voyage, evoking cherished memories of fishing, sailing, and adventures on the water.

This painting was created with acrylics on a gallery-wrapped canvas. The image extends to all four sides. Prints of this image are available in many sizes and formats and can be printed either on canvas or watercolor paper.

To purchase a print, send the Contact & Link form to the artist indicating the title of the image, how wide you want it to be, and whether you want it on canvas or acid free paper. She will send you a quote and ordering information. It usually takes about two weeks to have the print created since they are made on request. At this time, prints are sold in the US only.

Original Painting
Image Size:

30 x 40"
In Artist's Collection


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