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Hard Work's Reward by Joan Hansen

Hard Work's Reward by Joan Hansen
Hard Work's Reward © by Joan Hansen

"Hard Work's Reward," a large-scale acrylic painting by Joan Hansen, embodies a moment of well-earned indulgence. Imagine a day of relentless effort, where you've pushed boundaries and achieved triumphs. Now, as the sun sets, you savor the fruits of your labor. In this masterpiece, the opulent Louis XIII, Midleton, and Jameson spirits grace the elegant table, their bottles glistening in the ambient light. As the lit cigars rest in the crystal ashtray, their tendrils of smoke ascend like wisps of contentment above the imported humidor. The air is infused with the rich, earthy aroma of fine tobacco, a scent that carries memories of relaxation and reflection.

Joan Hansen's artistry masterfully encapsulates the culmination of success, painting a canvas that echoes the sentiment of "Hard Work's Reward.”

This painting was created with acrylics on canvas. The original painting was commissioned by one of Joan's collectors.

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Original Painting
Image Size:
48 x 48"
Prints on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

. 40 x 40"

. 30 x 30"

. 20 x 20"

D. 15 x 15"

$650.00 US

$390.00 US

$203.00 US

$175.00 US

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