American and European Landscapes by Joan Hansena
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Aspen Gold by Joan Hansen

Aspen Gold by Joan Hansen
Aspen Gold © by Joan Hansen

In this original acrylic painting by Joan Hansen, the essence of a crisp fall Colorado morning comes to life. A cool breeze softly dances through the golden leaves of the surrounding aspen trees, creating a captivating play of light and shadows. The trees stand tall and proud, forming a picturesque backdrop for the flowing stream that meanders gracefully through the serene and enchanting scene of this autumn day.

Although the original painting has already been sold, art enthusiasts can still appreciate and bring the beauty of this artwork into their homes through available prints of the image. These prints allow more people to experience the magic of the fall morning portrayed by Joan Hansen's painting.

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Original Painting
Image Size:

30 x 40"
Prints on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
. 30 x 40"

.27 x 36"

$535.00 US

$475.00 US
. 24 x 32"

D. 18 x 24"
$375.00 US

$320.00 US
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