American and European Landscapes by Joan Hansena
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A New Day in Provence by Joan Hansen

A New Day in Provence by Joan Hansen
A New Day in Provence
© by Joan Hansen

In this original acrylic painting by Joan Hansen, the picturesque vineyard in Provence, France comes to life with a radiant glow of early morning light. Wispy clouds, tinged in hues of pink and peach, herald the arrival of a new day, painting the sky with a sense of gentle serenity.

The warm sunlight gracefully awakens the golden hills that cradle the vineyard, infusing the landscape with a luminous and inviting aura. Rows of vibrant grapevines stretch towards the horizon and drink in the early morning light.

Joan Hansen's masterful brushwork and keen eye for detail breathe life into the canvas, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the idyllic beauty of the French countryside, where the elements of nature come together in perfect harmony.

The original painting is available for purchase. Kindly send the Contact form to the artist, and you will receive details about sales tax, if applicable, and shipping charges to finalize your order.

To purchase a signed open edition print, send the Contact form to the artist indicating the title of the image, how wide you want the print to be, and whether you want it on canvas or acid free paper. You will receive a quote and ordering information. It usually takes about two weeks to have the print created since they are made on request. At this time, prints are sold in the US.

Original Painting
Image Size:

18 x 24"

$1,100.00 USD
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